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Who Says God Doesn’t Care?

Have you or someone you know ever criticized God for being callous and uncaring?  Individuals who don’t know Him, as well as those who do, make the claims–questioning His ability and desire to rule and reign in love.  God gets tagged the “damn-er” instead of the “bless-er”.

Many times, a deeper look reveals an angry, hurting heart.  At some point, maybe a helpless feeling might have taken hold when it became evident that only a mighty God could make the desired change or rescue possible.  Disappointment then followed because, after having put hope in God’s move, He didn’t come through.

Then the questions arise, “How could a loving God allow such a thing? Do I want to believe in a God who would allow such evil and not step in to do something?”

What is your story with God?  How has He touched your life?  Where do you feel He has let you down?

Getting the hurt and anger of out of the secret places of a sincere heart will help.  Tell Him about it and be specific.

God created man on purpose for relationship with Himself.  He prepared an exquisite dwelling place for the creation He lovingly crafted in His own image.  He had every intention that this Garden of Eden be man’s eternal place of bliss; but, once the man and woman chose to believe and act on the devil’s lies, their sin of disobedience separated them from their loving God.  To keep them from life-long, sin-filled entrapment, which would result from eating of the Tree of Life, He lovingly and sadly sent them out of the Garden into a harsh, sinful world.

The story of Jeremiah 12:7-17 explains God’s great sorrow over the fact that He had given His “heritage”, His “house”, His “dearly beloved” into the hand of their enemies.  Why?  Because they turned on Him like “a lion in the forest, crying out against Him”.  His wording tells the reader of His great love for these people.  He cared–deeply.  He had warned them of the consequences of their choices and now He had to let those consequences rise up against them.  Yet, because of His great love, He even reserved a way for the enemy, those turning His beloved against Him, to receive a place in His family if they would turn and follow Him.

Lastly, how could a loving God, who made a way for eternal reconciliation to Himself by sending His only Son to die for our sins, do any more to show His love?

God is not mean or uncaring. He is loving, righteous, and just.  He created a perfect first home for His prized creation–mankind.  He gave the man and woman the freedom to choose–with a clear explanation of the consequences of those choices.  For wrong choices, He offered, and still offers, forgiveness through His son’s atoning death on the cross.  He even promised to adopt His enemies if they would choose to turn from their unbelief, embrace His son, Jesus, and follow His ways.  And to top it all off, for those who believe and receive His truth, He has prepared another place of eternal bliss–Heaven.  God, motivated by love, sees the whole picture while we see only a tiny sliver of any picture’s many angles and truths.  Trust Him.

After reading the above message, are you willing to give God the benefit of the doubt?  What did you find out when you asked yourself how God had disappointed you?  Did you tell Him about it?  He is more than willing to listen because He loves you.

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