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Palm Trees: Do You Have The Character That They Do?

Most of us have been compared to something or someone at one time or another. The comparison may have been favorable, or it may have been an insult. But there is one comparison, straight from God’s Word, that is something to strive for—that of the palm tree.  Do you have the character of a palm tree?

But the godly shall flourish like palm trees and grow tall as the cedars of Lebanon.  For they are transplanted into the Lord’s own garden and are under his personal care.  Even in old age they will still produce fruit and be vital and green. This honors the Lord and exhibits his faithful care. He is my shelter. There is nothing but goodness in him!  Psalm 92:12-15

Dating from the very foundations of the earth, palms are trees of strength and endurance.  The date palm has been used as food for centuries, its high energy dates bringing strength to partakers. Palm trees provided shelter to travelers in early times and are credited with advancing ancient travel to new lands waiting for development.  During the Revolutionary War, the wood of the palm was used to stop flying British cannonballs from doing their damage. Today, the palm is a symbol of oasis-life and growth in desert lands.

In the Bible, the palm is mentioned over 30 times and is a symbol of the victory of the faithful over the enemies of their souls. In Psalm 92, the godly themselves are compared to palms. For those who wish to be godly, character is needed, and it comes from within. The palm serves as an example in several ways:

  1. Strength in the storm: life brings storms to all, but not everyone can withstand the storms that blow their way. The palm bends in the wind and is not easily broken. A palm can withstand winds over 150 mph. If we are to finish the race set before us, we must endure storms.
  2. Growth: without growth in our Christian walk, we will begin to die spiritually. We cannot remain the same. The palm grows upward towards the heavens, even when weighted down with fruit. It grows from within, slowly, as if it knows that a faster-growing tree would break in the first storm that hit. Growth can be painful, and it always seems to take longer than we would like. But without continued growth in our walk with Christ, we will wither away.
  3. Deep roots: the palm grows deep roots over time, extending out from its trunk and adding strength so that it cannot be easily broken. The bible exhorts us to be rooted and grounded in Christ. We must continue to learn His Word, and be a doer of that Word instead of just a hearer. Then, our faith will not be easily shaken—broken down when we encounter the unforeseen.

The palm tree has beauty. It represents peace, life and strength. It is used by God in His Word as an example of what we should strive for—the character traits of strength, maturity, and deep rooted faith in Him.

Will you examine where you are today in the areas of spiritual strength, growth (maturity), and being deeply rooted in Christ through God’s Word?

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    Christian B Fundafunda

    A very apt teaching. We are beginning a study on the characteristics of believers in our church. This will be of great help. May God continue blessing you.
    Writing fromLusaka Zambia.

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    Thank you for your comforting words re palms. . being interested in the temple gate palms, the ones that sit on each side of the cherubs who have both a face of human, and face of lion, thinking the gateway represents human kind’s decision to keep with the teachings of the Lord, and as such be part of the environment being represented by palms, in other words : as believers we become and are surrounded with all of what the palms provide..for which your explanation is terrific.

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