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Calamity To Calm

From the onset of our relationship, my wife and I did everything backwards. We were just a couple of kids far away from the Lord, you see. We had no idea what real love was, or what hard work and effort a standing relationship would take to maintain. False commitments were made before we truly got to know each other on a deeper level. Children came before marriage. Cohabitation came before we settled into our relationship with each other. Satan had a ball trying desperately to claim us both, and he almost succeeded. There came a point in our relationship where I actually believed that a mistake was made in attaching myself to such a woman as the one I slept next to every night. He’s such a master liar, he had me convinced that walking away from my family, to begin my life anew, was the answer to false prayers.

Here’s the beauty of God’s truth: The LORD brought us together, because it was His design. Even through the tumultuous times when we made decisions based on our own human desires, God protected us from calamity, so that we might live out His purposes for the future of our relationship. Romans 8:28 says:

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Before we were saved, I couldn’t understand why we seemed to struggle so hard to keep up a relationship neither one of us seemed to be interested in. The temptations of the world constantly pulled us away from one another. But, after accepting Jesus Christ into our lives, after we each began to develop a personal relationship with the Lord, it became clear that every challenge we faced strengthened our love for one another. God had it planned out the whole time.

I didn’t begin to study my wife until Jesus entered my life. His grace and mercy opened my eyes to her needs; needs she once felt were beyond our relationship. She, in turn, learned how to love and care for my needs. We slowly grew into the companions we both needed, under the LORD’s guidance.

We can’t understand the mind of God. But as long as we remain faithful and follow His lead, all things work for our good. Even tragedy may have some unknown purpose, in a relationship. Faith in God’s plans will always trump circumstances and events. Where calamity reigns temporarily, the LORD allows it to bring calm permanently.

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