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Learning About Jesus From the Words of Our Children

Jesus loves children.  Quite frankly, He esteems them very highly. (Matthew 19:14)  Have you ever wondered why?  I believe it’s because they are innocent, full of sincere faith, and their tendency is to see the pure and happy things in their lives.  I imagine that is why even an abused child still loves the parent that dishes out such unkindness.  Oh, to live each day with the unburdened simplicity of a child’s heart while applying the wisdom my maturity offers.  That sounds, quite possibly, like heaven on earth to me!

Those who are able to interact regularly with young children understand what I mean.  At times, when we adults least expect it, such spiritual wisdom comes out from the heart of them through their tender little lips.  The book, Family Heart Moments by Turansky and Miller, tells of true and inspiring moments when children, quite inadvertently, reveal the fact that “they get it”.  It is every teacher’s, parent’s, and family friend’s delight to see a child who “gets” the importance of Jesus’ Good News.

One such story told of the older brother who finally, after much conflict, gave up his toy to his sister.  Shortly after the squabble, this young boy said, “When you let Jesus into your heart, it isn’t enough to just let him in.  You have to let him fill your whole heart up.  When you do, it’s easy to do the right thing.  In fact, you WANT to do the right thing.  Jesus helps you make better decisions than you can make on your own.  And, Mom, it feels good!”  I read this and think about the times I over-think and struggle with knowing the exact, right thing to do.

Another account tells of a little boy walking through a graveyard with his mom while on their bicycle outing.  A discussion ensued between the two focusing on all the unique questions of “why,” “how,”  and “dust” and “bones”  children come up with in such a place.  Shortly after they left, this little one shared his revelation, “You know, Mom, this life is real, and it seems really real now, but when we get to heaven, that will be a whole lot more realer than this is.”  Even some of us adults still grapple with the concept of the temporariness of this life and the reality of eternity.

As I reviewed this book, seeking to share with you some of the sweet, innocent moments with children, I got teary-eyed thinking of these little ones as instruments of God’s bidding.  I remembered my own child singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” on one of our vacations .  She sang it energetically with abandon. (Romans 1:16)  I knew, that I knew, that I knew that Jesus was using her innocence and exuberance to speak to the adjoining booth behind us.  You see, I had overheard some of their conversation and it seemed they needed to know that Jesus loved them.  Could I have stood up and sung that song without being self conscience?  Sadly, not without being moved by God.

Can you remember a time when God used a little child to drive home His lesson or His message to you?  How can you be more spiritually childlike in your interactions with God and others?

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