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Smarter Than The Teacher

Everyone has a favorite teacher, that one who balanced discipline and hard work with fun and understanding of all their students as individuals. My third grade teacher stands out to me. She was an older lady. Her children raised, she was also a widow. She loved to tell us stories about her family. My favorite part of the day was that quiet time after lunch when she would gather us in a circle on the floor and read to us, introducing us to the adventures of Encyclopedia Brown and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle! She helped me develop a love of reading.

There is another “teacher” from my high school days who stands out in my mind. She was the treasurer for our high school, and during my senior year I attended morning classes and worked in her office each afternoon. I didn’t realize it at the time, but she taught me–by example–to always do my very best work for an employer, to be honest, and to be on time. My favorite thing about working with her was her wonderful sense of humor, she knew how to lighten things up! Sometimes, we would sit together and laugh over the circumstances warranting the detention slips that came through the office.

Even today, I would not say that I am smarter than those ladies, or the other teachers whose classrooms I was a part of for those twelve years long ago! But God tells us that when we meditate on what we learn from His Word, we will become wiser than even those who taught us! How is this possible? Part of the answer lies in the truth that biblical wisdom and knowledge are higher than the earthly wisdom and knowledge learned in the classroom. And God’s wisdom has the supernatural ability to change the deepest part of us when we apply it in our lives–our spiritual being. Psalm 119:99 makes this clear: I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation.

What does it mean to meditate on God’s Word? One definition says “to focus one’s thoughts on: reflect or ponder over.” (Merriam-Webster) How many of us remember everything we learned in school? Did we really reflect or ponder over the information once we mastered the material? I imagine most of us have forgotten more than we learned! But this should never be so with God’s Word… we should truly ponder and reflect on His instructions for our life–meditate on His truths.

How can one be smarter than their teacher? Perhaps this cannot always be accomplished by worldly standards. But there is spiritual wisdom that holds a higher, eternal value. May we strive not only to learn His Word, but to keep it in our hearts.

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