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The Father’s Family

Since the beginning of time He had you and I in mind.
He wanted a family for so long you see. Finally, He
created Adam and Eve from the dust of the earth.
Adam and Eve, the first of the human family
were honored to be created in the image of a loving Father .

Tenderly from the boughs of the earth they were fashioned
by the hands of the Maker. All heaven stood still with silent
stares; as the great Potter gave life to the two down there
on the earth below.

First, He made man then he made woman. “The two shall
become one flesh .“ The angels heard the Lord declare.

On this very special day,” I tell you two as the first human pair
to multiply and spread all over the land; to enlarge and continue
this my great plan.

I give you my beloved, human family dominion over this earth.
Together we will walk in the garden at evening, and I will keep
you in my loving care. You may eat all that is before you in this lovely
land of Eden.

One thing I must make you to beware, never eat of the tree
of the knowledge of good and evil for in that day; you will become
a separated family and be out of My care.
We will no longer walk and talk as a family should.

So eat freely of all but that one tree.
Adam and Eve, broke the Father’s heart and ate of the forbidden fruit.
The family of God became separated;
But God had an eternal plan to keep the family together.

The family multiplied upon the earth but became corrupt in the Father’s eyes.
His heart grieved he had started the human family.
But Noah found favor in His gracious sight.
So the Lord God removed the family from the earth;
Noah and his family were all that remained.

God made a covenant with Noah; commanding him to be fruitful and
spread across the earth. Sin still separated God from His beloved Family.
In a notion of Divine brilliance, before the beginning of time,
the Father would send Jesus to die once and for all.
Jesus died and re-connected God to His family forever.
So we are blessed to be in the Father’s family for the rest of eternity.

Let us pray every day and never forget to tell our Father in heaven,
we are glad and grateful to be part of His loving family forever.

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  1. beautiful reminder of our creation story, thanks!

  2. Welcome and thanks Lisa.

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