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The Habits of the Locusts

It’s good to know the habits of our enemies. Danger comes when they deceive us, turning our attention away from what needs to be done. Locusts have been around since bible times, and they are used as a metaphor in God’s Word. With names like “hopping, crawling, and stripping locust,” destruction defines them in Joel 2: 25-26.

These enemies, the locusts, swallow, hide, cover over, cut off, devour, and dart out the tongue. There are addictions that threaten to swallow and devour a life, generational struggles that cut off relationships, angry words that threaten to destroy self-worth, and the greatest loss-the separation of death. We all grieve over what has been stolen from us.

God gives a wonderful promise in Joel 2 of how He deals with “locusts.” He says he will restore and replace for us the years these “creatures” have eaten. Our part in breaking the habits of the enemies we face is to follow His leading. It may be through counseling, accountability, or facing consequences. It is always through the study of His Word.

Letting fear prevent these steps keeps us on the broad path. But restoration is real. I have walked this road myself, more than once, experiencing loss through divorce, broken relationships I could not mend, consequences for my wrong decisions, and the death of loved ones. I have taken God at his word, obeyed His leading, and watched Him restore.

Be aware of the habits of your enemies-things that swallow, cover over, cut off, and devour. He waits to bring healing and restoration to you, too. It is not easy, but joy awaits.

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  1. Nice article. Definitely leaves you with something to think about. God bless. 🙂

  2. Fear not! God always restores His people. Thank you Lisa for these words.

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