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Miracle Times Three

Grandma Marjorie, my mother’s Mama, had been the victim of Rheumatic Fever as a young girl.  It had, unfortunately, made a slow, relentless, stealthy crawl to her heart.  A once strong heart fell prey to the merciless invasion of that fever leaving my grandma with a compromised heart.  Way too soon her heart grew so enlarged that she became bedridden with a husband and three teenagers who still needed her.  Even at fifteen, my mom’s love and servant heart compelled her to rush home each day immediately after school to help her mama.  There were some days my Mom didn’t even go to school and her teacher’s understood.  My mother was brave, but also scared, as she helplessly watched her precious Mama grow unable to even turn herself over in bed without help.

As Mom rushed home one day after school, as usual, the sight that met her was anything but usual.  There, sitting up on the side of the bed, swinging her legs, and telling jokes, was her dear Mama.  Wonder of wonders!  Miracle of miracles!  My mother’s joy was beyond measure.  It seems that Grandma Marjorie’s two relatives who had previously gone to be with Jesus, had paid her a visit that afternoon to inform her that they would be back for her tomorrow, and there she sat bubbling with life and joy.

Grandma Marjorie’s surge of strength was only temporary.  The next day, my Mother stayed home from school and witnessed her precious Mama let go of life in this world.  As I was told, my young mother sobbed uncontrollably, calling out to her Mama.  “Come back.  Don’t leave me,” she pleaded hysterically.  Then, another miracle transpired right before her eyes.  My Grandma Marjorie returned at the call of her hysterical, distraught daughter.  That loving mother explained to her precious daughter the awesome sights that she had seen in the few short minutes she had been gone.  She told of the flowers and the music.  She then confidently assured my mother, “Honey, next time, don’t call me back.  It will be okay.”  Later that evening, Grandma Marjorie left this life again; but this time, a calm assurance cloaked this young grief stricken daughter and she was able to let go, knowing all would be okay.  The fear was gone.  Now, seventy years later, my mother looks forward with great anticipation to a heavenly reunion with her dear Mama when that time comes…and there will still be no fear.

I want to assure you, today, that just as my young, loving mother was on God’s mind, so are each of His children.  He does hear our cries.  He does come through for us. (Hebrews 4:15)  I also want to remind you that God is awfully fond of you.  (Psalm 17:8)  Our compassionate, merciful heavenly Father felt the anguish of a scared, brokenhearted young girl and decided to respond out of His great love.  He wants to shower you, too, with blessings because He loves you so very, very much. (John 3:16)

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I just love walking outdoors - day or night. I identify most with the creative side of God and am energized by His artistry all around this world. He amazes me every time I turn around! Yeah, God and thank you, Jesus.

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