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Say Goodbye To UTIs – Hello To The Mighty Cranberry

Doctor: So you have pain and burning while urinating?

Me: Yes.

Doctor: Have you noticed any blood in your urine?

Me: It is a little pinkish.

Doctor: Well, after we culture this sample, I’m fairly certain we’ll find a presence of a UTI – urinary tract infection.

Unfortunately, many of us are all too familiar with this bacterial infection.  It’s painful, annoying, and downright miserable to deal with.  To get the upper hand and help the body rid itself of this infection, doctors often prescribe antibiotics.  Since UTIs can progress to full blown kidney infections if not treated, it is necessary to consult your doctor at this stage of the scenario.  But, antibiotics can create their own negative effects on the body causing our good bacteria (probiotics) to die along with the bad.  So, what is a person to do?

UTIs are the result of an infection caused by E.coli bacteria.  These rod-shaped bacteria have lots of surface area that allow them to easily adhere to the bladder wall.  If the bacteria take up residence and begin to grow and multiply, it is at that point they force us to call the doctor in desperation.  But, as God states in Proverbs 22:3, if we take steps to avoid a problem, at the first hint of it, then we are better off than the one who ignores the problem signs and end up with the painful consequences.  In other words, prevention is the best cure!   At this point, sound the trumpet call for God’s mighty cranberry to enter the picture.

Cranberries are a powerhouse of good things.  Their deep red color tells us right away that they are a wonderful antioxidant.  They are full of vitamins and minerals and have been used for generations to restore health and wellness.   Although cranberries do not kill the bacteria, they are able, by certain naturally occurring substances, to alter the shape of the E. coli helping to reduce the surface area needed to attach to the bladder wall.  Cranberry capsules are best at providing a consistent, measured amount of “cranberry effectiveness” and most are pure cranberry with no extra ingredients.  You can buy these at stores where health supplements are sold.  After you consult your health care provider for the best milligram level for you to take (400 mg is a typical daily dose), grabbing a cranberry capsule – everyday for a few days – at the first whisper of a UTI can keep the offending bacteria from adhering and send it right on out of the body.  It is a win/win situation…we ward off an infection and suffer no side effects.  I, personally, thank God for His natural supply of good things to aid us in pursuing optimal health. (3 John 2)

Resources: herbwise.com, betternutrition.com (Vera Tweed/August 2013)


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