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Do You Follow Your Senses, or God?

God is never far from us.  We don’t always feel Him near–relying on our senses for reassurance when His Word tells us that we must look for Him beyond what we see, hear, touch, or can feel. When it comes to God’s presence, do you follow your senses?

So that they should seek God, in the hope that they might feel after Him and find Him, although He is not far from each one of us. Acts 17:27

God’s Word tells us throughout that He is never far away, but in Acts 17:27, we see that we cannot rely only on our own senses, or our feelings,  for reassurance of His Presence with us. At times, it may feel like we are in the dark and He is nowhere to be found. What does the dark look like? It comes in many forms: addictions, failed relationships, disease, mental suffering.

We all face dark times in our fallen world.  But when we can’t sense God’s Presence,  we must rely on our faith and the promises written for us in His Word–He is still there!

An airplane in flight  is tracked by radar and satellite as well as by radio transmission. One form of connection with ground control is this satellite on top of the plane that sends signals to a transceiver . If 60 minutes pass without the plane’s acknowledgement via this satellite, a” handshake” is sent out from the ground asking “are you still there?” In the plane’s communication log, a notation is written–handshake request.

One hour without communication from a flying plane can seem an eternity to the one monitoring the flight, and when we are in the midst of the darkness of life it may seem to us like an eternity before God’s Hand is seen at work. Is He still there? The truth, beyond what we can feel or see, is that He is never far from each one of us–He is never far from you! When you feel that God is far away, go to His Word for comfort and read His promises. They are for you.

Have you ever called to  God, “are you still there?”  What promises from His Word give you comfort in times of darkness?


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