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You Know The Number Of Hairs On My Head!

Matthew 10:30 – But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

The Divine Count – In the heart of the Gospel according to Matthew, nestled within the tenth chapter, lies a verse of profound intimacy and care. Matthew 10:30 states, “and even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” This simple yet powerfully prolific statement-offers a glimpse into the meticulous attention and boundless love that God holds for each and every one of us.

God Intimate Knowledge – The notion that God knows the number of hairs on our head signifies more than divine omniscience; it symbolized a personal and intimate knowledge of His very own creation. It is a knowledge that transcends mere awareness, speaking to a relationship that is deeply personal and attentive. In a world where we often feel like just another face in the crowd this verse is deeply personal and attentive. In a world where we often feel like just another face in the crowd, this verse reassures us that to God, we are never anonymous. We are known, cared for, and valued down to the smallest and most minute detail. It is something that we should all embrace and be aware of.

The Assurance of God’s Care – The context of this verse is equally important. Jesus shares these words with His disciplines as a form of reassurance. He acknowledges the trials and tribulations they will face-yet He encourages them not to fear-for their value to God is immeasurable. If God’s providence extends to the sparrows, how much more so to His very own beloved children? The message is clear: no aspect of our lives, no matter how seemingly insignificant, escapes God’s notice. He is with us through it all and He knows us all, inside and out!

The Implications For Our Lives – This assurance has profound implications for how we should live our lives. Understanding we are constantly under God’s watchful eye; we can explore and take on all of life’s challenges with a sense of peace and confidence. The knowledge that we are cared for in such detail can liberate us from the anxieties that that can plaque our existence. It invites us to trust in God’s plan even when the path ahead seems uncertain. Even when there isn’t a glaring clarity at first as to what is going happen, or how we should handle it- knowing God is with us should allay any uneasiness we may be experiencing. He knows our hearts and wants what is best for each of us.

Having a deeply rooted and personal relationship with Christ is the key to being able to plunge forward in life assurance and a ready mind and tongue to take all He has called into purpose for our lives, and our time here on earth.

Matthew 10:30 is a powerful testament to God’s infinite care for us. It is reminder that we are never alone, never unloved, and never forgotten. As we reflect on this truth, let us carry it in our hearts and allow it to shape our understanding of our relationship with the divine.

 How is your relationship with Christ? Do you have one? How would you describe your time with Christ? And how confident are you in His word?

 “Heavenly Father, I stand in awe of Your meticulous care for me, down to the very hairs on my head, may this knowledge fill me with Your comfort and peace, knowing that I am deeply known and loved by You, help me to trust in Your providence at all times, especially in those infrequent moments of doubt, guide my steps and lead me in Your everlasting ways, in Jesus precious name, Amen.”


C D SWANSON is an Author and freelance writer, a contributor to various websites, a member of Faithwriters, and has a website. It is her greatest joy to write what’s in her heart, and thus her favorite form of expression is in her devotionals. She and her husband share a deep love of God and dote on their fur baby Mickey. Retired Director from Long Term Healthcare, she continues to be an advocate for many. To check out other writings of this author you can go here:

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  1. We can never plumb the depths of God’s love for it has no ending. There is nothing hidden from Him about everything He has made. Even our thoughts are open to Him. How intricate is His wisdom that nothing escapes Him. It makes every person either fearful or blessed if they come to this understanding.
    Even in death people have made plans to keep Him from being their judge just in case He really does exist. I have heard of some strange things that people have implemented to try to fool Him in this manner.
    God laughs at such nonsense. But He delights in those who place their trust and lives in His hands.
    Loved this message.

  2. Cora,
    I couldn’t have said it any better- what a lovely way to summarize this article and bring it to life!
    Thank you so much for your encouragement and your input. Love your wisdom!
    Have a blessed day~

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