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Suzy meets the Grumpy Ghost on Christmas Eve (Poem)

It was getting late and in her comfy bed our friend Suzy lay, She snuggled up with her covers and began to pray. For Christmas, she had a single request to our God above, She wanted to share the meaning of Christmas love. As quickly as her prayer ended, Suzy ...

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Are You Flogging the Donkey?

In the Bible, Numbers 22 carries a very powerful story about a seemingly stubborn donkey. You see, Balaam was summoned by a mighty king to come over and lay a curse on the Israelites. God advised him not to go, but he insisted on going anyway. He stood to gain ...

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A Pineful Perspective

I love the smell of fresh pine, so it’s a natural fit when the Holiday season comes around especially since I can purchase that delicious artificial pine smell to plug into my home creating a false atmosphere of Christmas. By tricking my senses a bit, I am drawn back into ...

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