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Overcoming With His Compassion

The compassion that God has for us today, is shown through His believers, in so many ways. The Truth of God’s love needs to rise up, but that cannot happen till we trust Jesus. Trusting Jesus is found within every believer, but many choose to believe the deceiver. Some may ...

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The Revealing Fruit Of Christ

My soul longs to hear You Lord, with a prayerful heart I implore. My heart is broken as I bow before You, for a contrite spirit You will not refuse. You stand by every word that You’ve spoken, imparting wisdom with each Holy Token. All You ask us to do ...

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The Spirit Of Truth

Jesus frees us from our sin, and a change begins deep within. Deep within our very souls, a new destiny begins to unfold. We can now see clearly who He is, knowing there’s more change to begin. The Plan of Redemption we’d heard about, was offered to us, through Him ...

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Whom Do You Fear?

The world in which we live in today, has brought destruction in every way. Destruction that is breaking God’s heart, lacking the fear that He can impart. Fear oftentimes will create reverence, knowing that God is in our presence. However, when we’re not focused, deception comes in like locusts! The ...

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God Speaks Through Me (Chinese/English)

God speaks to me through my lips. When I share His message and focus on blessing others, But the message is for blessing me too.   While I heard the condemnation that hinders me from sharing, I was reminded to just share one thing that touched me. And God speaks ...

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