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Covetousness: Deflecting Sin & Greed In Today’s Times

Jezebel: A Biblical Narrative of Greed and Downfall The story of Jezebel, a woman in the Bible who orchestrated the killing for land, is a tale that resonates with themes of greed, manipulation, and the ultimate consequences of such actions. This narrative is found in the First and Second Books ...

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Guard Your Mouth

Guard Your Mouth 防备你的口 Matthew 5:34-37 马太福音5:34-37 The subject that we are going to study is one of the most important in scripture, and is so important to the believer. We start off by taking these verses as our text, but we will be studying various scriptures, so please keep ...

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War Around The World

Have you watched the news lately? Lots of talk of wars breaking out. Russia is trying to take control of the Ukraine. The Hamas crossed over into Israel and began terrorizing people. Israel responding and declaring war against the Hamas controlling the Gaza Strip. I’ve heard people saying they felt ...

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The Consuming Fire of Greed

The Triangle Shirtwaist Company in Manhattan produced women’s shirtwaists. The fitted, long-sleeved blouses with high necklines worn by women with their long skirts every day in the early 1900’s.  Most of the company’s workers were teenage girls and young women who had immigrated to America with their families, dreaming of ...

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If Government Is To Keep Order, Why All The Chaos?

Authorities–the earthly “powers that be”–isn’t their purpose to maintain order in this world filled with sinful people roaming the earth? Laws are established to create civilized societies, yet we are driving 100 miles an hour toward a world of barbarism. Instead of establishing and keeping order, many appointed and elected ...

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