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Bringing the Curses of God Upon Ourselves

Western civilization, the civilization built upon the foundations of the Christian faith, is dying a slow death. We are being punished for willfully turning our backs on God. Once we had the blessings spoken of in Deuteronomy 28 such as prosperity and having great nations; now we are suffering the ...

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3 Stages of Prayer

Often in prayer we are asking God for things, either for ourselves or for others, sometimes we are praising Him or thanking Him and sometimes we are just talking at Him. What we rarely do is shut up when we pray. To pray in silence is no easy thing to ...

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How Much Is God Blessing America?

We continually hear people say, “God bless America.” The tune is sung at July 4th celebrations. Even though there are millions of God-honoring people in the nation, the culture as a whole has turned its back on God. His grace, on one hand, is being demonstrated in individual lives, but ...

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