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Those of you who know me probably know that I like to talk…a lot. It’s something I can’t really help. I just like to talk. Many times I’m actually asked if I ‘ever stop talking’ or I’ve had multiple people playfully tease me about it. Though truthfully, it hurts. (I ...

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Hello…Do You Hear Me?

I noticed it again today. First it was my son and then my daughter. Each one took their turn focusing their eyes and attention on to me, yet my eyes were glued to the tiny screen resting in my hands.  Hello do you hear me? I knew he was there, ...

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Our Hope: Deserted Places

‘Yet He often withdrew to deserted places and prayed.’ Luke 5:16 (HCSB) Deserted places.  Sound ominous, don’t they? But are they always a ‘bad thing’? Jesus knew the value of being alone.  Never completely alone, but alone with His Father.  Even though Jesus was God, He also was a man. ...

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Shoe Fly..Don’t Bother Me!

Shoe Fly..Don’t Bother Me! By Renee They came at me in an all out fleet attack WWII bomber style diving and gliding right under my nose-literately.  Their torpedo like wings swarmed around my head as if I was a landing strip.  The constant buzz droned past my ear replicating the ...

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