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Are You Taking Your Brain For Granted?

When was the last time you specifically gave thought to the marvels of your brain?  It operates ceaselessly, processing and controlling every big and little function of your physical, mental, and emotional being.  It weighs in at around three pounds of gray matter and is composed of 75% – 85% ...

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Change the Way You Entertain

Martha often gets a bad rap among Christian circles. Placed side by side with her sister, Mary, Martha is often seen as the disgruntled, impatient, distracted worry-wart who has her priorities all mixed up. And while that may be true in some respects, there is still much to be learned ...

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Homemade Smoothies

It is quite evident that the sun is no longer on vacation. It is back and ready to show off. The humidity it brings invites sweat and thirst to tag along for the ride. In trying to combat the heat summer brings, we have to stay hydrated. There are so ...

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