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Are You Flogging the Donkey?

In the Bible, Numbers 22 carries a very powerful story about a seemingly stubborn donkey. You see, Balaam was summoned by a mighty king to come over and lay a curse on the Israelites. God advised him not to go, but he insisted on going anyway. He stood to gain ...

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Are We Entitled to Happiness?

A few days ago I shared a post on Facebook expressing my views of the Bruce/Caitlin Jenner story that’s being plastered all over the media. To say it stirred up a little controversy is an understatement. I lost some social media “friends”, but I also made some new ones. Today ...

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The Danger of Self-Empowerment

Self-empowerment. Sometimes it’s referred to as “being a strong woman” or an “independent woman.” We live in a world where women are afforded many of the same opportunities as men. But can I take a brief moment to speak something boldly to all the women reading this? Self-empowerment, in the sense ...

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