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Israel Under Assault

One of the most astounding stories in history is the story of the Jews and the nation of Israel. It became a monarchy about 1095 BC when Saul began his reign, followed by David and Solomon in a united kingdom. When Solomon died, his son Rehoboam succeeded him and, by ...

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Speaking Up For Israel “For Such A Time As This”

In the story recorded in the Old Testament Book of Esther, Mordecai and Esther exposed a plot by Haman to exterminate the Jews. Esther risked her life by going to the king and “pleaded with him to avert the evil plan”(Esther 8:3). Previous to this, Esther had been admonished to ...

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Israel And Antisemitism

The thought came to mind recently that Hamas and Haman are very similar, so I did some research. Haman is mentioned in the Book of Esther, and he was the instigator of a plot to kill the Jews, during the time of the Persian Empire headed by King Xerxes from ...

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The Golden Scepter: Do I Perish or Survive?

Esther 4:16 If I perish, I perish Esther was an incredible woman and Queen. She found favor with the King when first seen! She was so very brave and so very strong. She sensed that something was very wrong! Mordecai spoke with Esther his beloved niece and kin. He boldly ...

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Why Pray Personal Prayers?

“Lord give us a humble heart. Where we are lacking, make us strong. Where we walk though the valley of the shadow, be thou with us to guide and protect us. Let Your light shine from us, illuminating truth, Lord. Let us be Jesus today.” What is wrong with the ...

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