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The Unheard Voices

Before time itself came to be, the Father’s love had set us free. He gave all creation their own choice and He sent Jesus to be His voice. The Voice that would declare to all the nations, “My heart is shown to all who will listen.” Everyone who populates the ...

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No Adequate Expression: The Image of the Divine

Where do I begin to draw a line To sketch the image of the Divine? Oh what will be my inspiration The spark to my imagination– To add substance to the formation, To add color to my creation? For a blue sash is not sufficient; No, You are too magnificent. ...

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Love In Action

Do you know what love is? According to Webster’s dictionary, in its noun form, love is: “a strong affection for; an affection or tenderness felt by lovers; an affection based on admiration, benevolence or common interests.” Okay, I get that, but love goes so much farther than a feeling. Love ...

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