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The Unheard Voices

Before time itself came to be,
the Father’s love had set us free.

He gave all creation their own choice
and He sent Jesus to be His voice.

The Voice that would declare to all the nations,
“My heart is shown to all who will listen.”

Everyone who populates the Earth,
has a right to their own birth.

God cares about everyone, this is true,
and the unborn that are still in the womb.

Those that can’t make their own decisions,
and have no voice to be heard, while they listen.

We tend to forget who their real creator is,
not just the sperm and the egg within.

Many little ones that succeeded in being birthed,
have oftentimes lived out their destiny on earth.

Although it may be the worst thought at times,
why do we feel that taking a life isn’t a crime?

For every little voice that was never heard,
God was never consulted regarding their birth.

The unborn ones are so mistreated today.
They’re thought of as mistakes and thrown away.

Taken away, deprived of a God-given destiny,
thought to be a heinous conception and tragedy.

Sadly, instead of turning to God for their answers,
the rights that they claim are not His standards.

As believers, we are extensions of Jesus’ love,
but the world has disregarded Him, as the judge.

What happened to the meaning of John 3:16,
where He said, we “should not perish if we believe”?

Unfortunately, so many will not repent of their ways
and have left their unborn without a voice these days.

They may think that they’ve done the right thing,
by choosing to take their very breath, that God breathed.

We tend to take for granted the air we breathe in,
without respecting the One giving us the air to live.

If the world would listen to what God has to say,
the grief-stricken hearts would understand today.

His heart is drawn to those with broken hearts,
but even more so, for those that never got a start.

The enemy is fighting with all his might,
beginning with those still not in sight.

Although, for the unborn, things look grim,
if only the world would learn to look to Him.

Fear is highly favored in the enemy’s site,
causing those to believe, what’s wrong is right.

Father, forgive them, for they’re not seeing with Your eyes.
If they were, then there would be more lives without strife.

Help those that are made to bear this unborn child,
even though their conception is oftentimes reviled.

Open their eyes to the reality of the unseen
and direct them in Your paths for the child-to-be.

As they experience the joy of the gift you’ve given,
let them experience a rebirth within them.

Many feel they don’t have a voice in the conception,
but God, the Father, knows with no exceptions.

To those who’ve not been born again,
their perception of self-worth is reflected within.

The focus should not just be on the voice of the unborn,
but on the mother whose doubts are being scorned!

Let’s not forget who the giver of life is,
the very One who has a purpose for all within!

Psalm139:13-14 For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.  I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.

About Linda Delgado

Linda Delgado was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri. She moved down to Corpus Christi, Texas, with her parents, where she graduated from high school in 1977. She attempted to pursue a medical field, soon after. Realizing that's not where God's plan was for her, she continued following the Lord. In 1985, she married her husband, Rudy Delgado, who she recently celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary with. In August of 2022, she became a Poetry Author. She also enjoys sharing God's heart through freelance writing, as well. She is also a member of Faithwriters.com. In their leisure time, Rudy and Linda enjoy the company of their two pets, Tina (Chihuahua) and Miss Kitty (Tabby). They also have enjoyed the adventure of raising their, now, 17-year-old grandson. As of September 2023 @ 7:29pm, Linda's husband went to be with the Lord. Even though this has left a hole in her heart, she is going to continue writing , as the Lord leads. Rudy will dearly be missed by all who knew him, especially his wife Linda Delgado. Until we meet again!

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  1. What has been happening worldwide, that causes motherhood to be put aside?
    The rights of the unborn child they seem to despise, and the choice to bring forth their birth is criminalized in their eyes.
    Money and prestige is the way forward to please the hearts of our society, who hopes to live with ease and showcase their finery.
    Life is cheap so get rid of the that which can weigh you down, is the whisper of the enemy to confound the minds of those in sins power to be drowned.
    Babies being formed need to be valued over stuff, or like a candle being snuffed, their choice to abort will continue due to their lack of love.
    When God’s words isn’t first place, mankind’s ways are always such a disgrace as we see it played out face to face.

    Thanks you for speaking up to a very crucial subject. It is heart wrenching that we live in such a world that goes as far as killing unborn babies with no regard or regrets. To see them as a blob than a baby being formed is being blinded to reality.. God bless you for putting this message out there.

  2. Linda,

    Thank you for this vitally important message that you put together so beautifully and with such love.

    This is a subject that many will steer clear of, but thank God for people of faith, such as you Linda that will not forget about these beautiful innocent souls that are discarded as if they’re “nothing” at all.

    Fabulous poem!

    God Bless you and may you continue shining your light for those in the dark.

  3. Thank you all for the compliments. I figured that I probably open “a can of worms” so to speak, but like y’all were saying needs to be said! God has placed it on my heart, to use my “true” roots to speak the truth! Cora I love the poem you used in the beginning of your comment. It was beautifully said, as well.
    I wish more of our brothers and sisters in Christ could see the light of God’s word that we all are supposed to be walking in. I thank God for where he has brought me to where I am today. If it were not for him I would not be able to do so bold!
    God bless you all and I hope you have a blessed weekend!

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