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Maintaining A United Front

My wife and I came to a decision to start having nightly bible study, with our five children. This was  shortly after the two of us were baptized together, in January of 2010. For days, we discussed how awesome it was going to be to actually get our children together, ...

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Mingling Heaven And Earth

At the most pivotal moment in history, God deliberately interjected activity between celestial realms and our domain. He did this by choosing to involve lowly shepherds with Jesus’ birth. What’s that about? After all, they were just tending flocks soon to be slaughtered for temple sacrifices. Probably unskilled, disrespected and certainly ...

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Custom Made Christianity

“What can I get for you today?” “May I have your special without any mayo, mustard, onion, tomatoes, pickles, or lettuce? Oh, and can you take off the Swiss and replace it with cheddar, and then change the pickles to fresh cucumbers and the mayo to light ranch. Not ranch, ...

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Was A Universal Genesis Flood Possible?

Was A Universal Genesis Flood Possible? By John Livingston Clark One of the arguments people use in an attempt to dispel the idea of a universal flood of Noah’s day and to discount the literalness of Genesis is saying that water could not have possibly covered the entire earth, including ...

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