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Can I Please Just Have A Little Peace?

My recent health problems have taken me to many hospitals, doctors and many places in between. While I was seeing to my own physical needs, I began to see the need of those taking care of me. I took notice of their expressions and their comments to me. I’m struck that almost everyone ...

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We Are God’s Reflection

If you have an extremity amputated, are you still you? If you have both breasts removed in a fight for your life, are you still you?  What exactly are we human beings made up of? There are many opinions and debates about whether or not we are the result of billions of years ...

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What Vincent Saw:The Painter’s Faith

  He painted in brilliant colors, full of energy and light. He captured what his human subjects seemed to be feeling, and brought life to fields of flowers and   twinkling  stars in nighttime skies.  Yet he suffered from mental illness, failed at his heart’s desire to become a preacher, ...

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We Live In A Dark World: So How Is God With Us

It’s easy to assume that God is no where in sight as we watch the news and see people getting murdered on streets that were once safe. It is also becoming more apparent of the distain some people have for Christianity. It is painful to see that people can’t worship ...

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Inspiring Winter: Tale of a Dolphin

In December 2005, Winter was a several-month-old bottlenose dolphin living in coastal Florida waters. It was there that she became entangled in a crab trap, her life hanging in the balance. She was rescued and taken to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater, Florida. Sadly, her tail had to be ...

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