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Are You Feeding Your Dog and Cat As God Intended?

Dogs and cats are carnivores.  Their jaws are designed to go up and down.  They do not have the ability to “grind” their food with their molars.  They grab their prey, tear the flesh off, and then gulp it down.  Their digestive systems are short, designed to facilitate a quick ...

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What’s He Looking At?

It was the second week of horse training.  Quietly the trainer explained, “Today we will teach him that where you look, he must move.”  I had never heard of such a thing and watched with interested amusement.  Within five minutes, amusement turned to awe.  By then the diminutive trainer had ...

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Running Free

Deep in every heart, a desire pulses to live out the passions of the soul.   Perhaps that is the draw most have to images of wild horses running free.  The power and supple grace of galloping horses speaks to the part of every soul that longs for freedom.  The reality, ...

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