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Misery Loves Company

Have you ever been around someone who has a tendency to be the downer at the party? How about the person who lashes out at you with their words even though you have done nothing to deserve what is being said? No matter what you try to say or do ...

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Mean Girls, Let It Go

Mean girls seem to be mean 24/7… all day… every day. It’s a fact, ever-so-often, teenage girls will square-off. The result? A mixture of cruelty, bruised egos, and embarrassment. Hurtful words are sent hurling, hitting harder than missiles. Then, like a spark of flame in a forest, a little disagreement ...

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Throwing Word Stones

Each fiery word that spewed from his lips burned a hole in her heart. The hurt she felt intensified with every sentence-bomb he hurled… His joy died instantly when she uttered those toxic words. Pain and sadness coursed through his being as she continued to rant… Who said words don’t ...

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