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Write Your Personal Faith Story

Has anyone ever asked you to give your testimony?  Do people often say, “You should write a book”?  Do you want to leave a record of your faith for your children and grandchildren? It does not matter why:  writing about your faith journey is a great endeavor. It helps you see and ...

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Man is no Longer King of his Castle

Man is no longer king of his castle; in fact he’s lucky if he even has a castle. Man’s role in society seems to be diminishing as well. Just by walking into your local department store, you can see how women’s lives reflect their role in society–quite often the women’s ...

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Between Two Dates:What Will Our Story Be?

Yellowed and torn with age, the newspapers held obituaries as varied as the lives they represented. There were stories of childhood lost, lingering illness with hope for recovery, the mentioning of a graduation still looked forward to, a marriage ended in one spouse’s death when only months old, and the ...

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God’s Word Works!

The Word of God works. Truett Cathy proved it—not that it needs proving, but celebrating wisdom’s victories is enjoyable and profitable! Cathy, the Chick-fil-A founder who died this week, left a legacy to learn from. His franchise began with and operates from a biblical foundation. And, as they say, the proof ...

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