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Reflections of Glory

Everyone needs hope.  Without hope, despair and darkness settle in wreaking destruction in lives.  Without hope, there is no vision, no goal, no energy…and eventually, no life.  For believers in Christ, the treasure of hope rests in us for Jesus is the ‘Hope of Glory’!  We are to be the ...

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On the Path

My son loved toddling alongside me as we wandered through our wooded property.  Often, though, the path failed to hold his interest, and he would dart off to explore.  Living high in the Pennsylvania mountains, I knew Rattlesnakes and Copperheads loved our woods too.    The cleared path allowed us ...

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Part II: Leaving a Legacy of Prayer

For those of you who have chosen to venture with me on how to leave your own legacy of prayer, here we go. If you are just joining us, I recommend reading Part I: Leaving a Legacy of Prayer to catch up with how this story began. Whenever I am ...

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Part I: Leaving a Legacy of Prayer

A friend of mine recently shared a photo with me that I had no idea even existed. This one image brought tears to my eyes and became a light bulb moment awakening my mind to an amazing realization; I am the first in my family to leave a legacy. No, ...

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Quiet Desolation

Can you imagine the hopeless desolation of that first quiet interlude between the horror of the crucifixion and the hallelujah of the resurrection? Even two millennia later, there is no greater epitome of grief. The identity and hopes of every disciple imploded with the death of their King. All that ...

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