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Everlasting Hope

During COVID the world witnessed millions, if not billions of people living in fear of dying with no hope. They put their hope in the government and the so-called vaccine, only to realize, in some cases too late, that these were not the “saviors” they were led to believe. They ...

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Need Proof? New TNT Drama Seeks Answers

Is there really one right answer to the question, “What happens when we die?” TNT is bringing a new drama, Proof,  to television this June. It seeks to answer this very question. Produced by Kyra Sedgwick,  the drama is based on the life of a successful surgeon played by actress Jennifer ...

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Living After Death

Yesterday marked the beginning of fall. This signal’s the ending of September and the beginning of October, followed by turkey month. But before thanksgiving comes Halloween. Yes, Halloween; the celebration of the dead.   Typical Halloween festivities include hosting or attending costumes parties, playing trick-or-treat, visiting haunted houses, watching scary ...

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