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Election 2016: Making Sense of the Nonsense

I haven’t written any articles in awhile, but when I do, politics is one of my least favorite things to write about.  It often ends up being childish bickering and when someone does take a stand on something, they are criminalized by the other party.  Regardless, I’m going to set ...

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The Upside-Down Love

If we took a look in the mirror, would we even recognize whom we are? Turn on any television and the glamour and advertising world says we are too fat, old or ugly. Marketers attempt to tap into our desired weaknesses trying to sell items of temporary value. Plug into ...

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People Look Outside; God Looks Inside

Over the weekend I was reading my son the story of King David and found myself very moved by the Lord’s instructions to Samuel in looking for the new King of Israel among the sons of Jesse: “But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Do not look at his appearance or ...

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