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We ALL Need To “Pray For Peace”

We All Need To “Pray For Peace” By John Livingston Clark Reba McEntire recently recorded a new song called “Pray For Peace.” In all that our world is presently experiencing we can definitely have some peace. What exactly is peace? The common thought, of course, is an absence of conflict ...

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Jesus Slept (Peace in the Storm)

The day must have started off with fair weather–even sunshine and blue skies. Jesus spent time traveling and performing miracles that all around Him witnessed. Joy and excitement must have filled the air, and the hearts of His disciples as they witnessed His power and the love and concern He ...

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Fourth Man

It was the typical Babylonian form of execution. After being bound, the guilty were placed in a brick kiln-type furnace with temperatures over 500 degrees hotter than today’s hottest crematory. Death would be almost instantaneous. Three young Hebrew men were about to experience this form of execution for not bowing ...

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Going Around the Block…Again

With ease, I pulled out of the intersection passing lookers by trying to decide which way to turn next.  Was it right?  Left?  Or simply straight ahead?  Grabbing the map, I traced my finger along the path that I had already traveled leading me to my current location.  A quick ...

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Which Party does God Support?

Which Party does God Support?   These days it seems our nation (and many Christians) is more polarized than ever. So, one may wonder, whose side is God on, anyway? Democrats claim to be for the little people, the poor, and the disenfranchised. They like to spend lots of taxpayer dollars ...

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