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Bad Boy Saul and the Reimaging of His Reputation

How can he change? His life was determined from day one by being born into that household of Pharisee’s-the strictest sect of the Jewish religion. So many assumptions based upon a life cycle of tradition. How could he be any different? Yet God knew he would change, and even more ...

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Those Pharisees: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Most parents soon learn that their children imitate what they do more often than they listen to what they say. Who hasn’t had an embarrassing moment with their child when an inappropriate word or behavior was mimicked? Though we’d like to believe our children listen to what we say in ...

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Picked for the Losing Team

If there was ever a kickball team with Jesus as the leader, can you imagine the dejected looks on the faces of the Pharisees?  Here they were highly esteemed religious men. They were the “cool kids” people looked up to.  They did everything right when it came to theory and ...

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