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The Stranger at the Front Door

Most times when a child is abducted, it’s by a family member—usually parents who are denied custody or visitation rights, or when they’re trying to protect a child from abuse. However, there’s still a huge percentage of children who are victims of non-family abductions. This article is addressing those children ...

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You Are Never too Dirty to Get Clean

Last night after playing for hours outside, my two-year old looked like Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown and the grimy murky bath water told the story of his day. Needless to say, he was one dirty boy! I had to run water a second time just to make sure he had ...

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A Day at the Playground

In today’s technology-driven culture, it’s good to unplug and take the kids for an afternoon play date, at the park. Away from the allure of the fantasy worlds programmed into the Wii and X-Box game systems, children still manage to enjoy the simplicities of playground slides, merry-go-rounds, swings and monkey-bars. ...

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