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You Can Become God’s Masterpiece

You are a special and unique creation of God. He made you the way you are, male or female (Genesis 1:27) for a purpose, and you were intricately designed even before the time of your conception. Be thankful for who you were, whichever gender, when you were born. Psalm 139:13-16 ...

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A Reflection Of Pressure

Every person has a sandy shore, each reflecting Christ and sometimes more. We reflect Him as we go with His flow, without being pressured under the tow. The undertow of this world is temptation, trying to get us to yield to frustrations. Frustrations that will leave our faith beached, keeping ...

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Brokenness For His Tranquility

Though tumultuous times daily cross our paths, knowing Jesus keeps us from God’s wrath. Paths that are only a piece of our time, which when allowed gives peace, so sublime. Although the world may refuse Him as Savior, it’s only in Jesus that we can find favor. The favor of ...

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God’s Overcoming Plan For Us

Charging forth with all our might,we won’t give up but continue to fight!For, you see, there is a battle going on,placed in our paths to make us strong.Sometimes we tend to forget its purpose,yielding more towards frustrations that hurt us.God has prepared us for each spiritual war,knowing full well there ...

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The Master’s Key

Locked up inside of us,there is a lack of trust. Trusting Jesus with all our woes,is much better than giving in to our foes The enemy is fighting each day,hoping the walls of our heart will decay. Enough to open the door,exposing our hearts and so much more. There’s a ...

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