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The Essential Cornerstone

Without Jesus in our lives, we would not be able to survive. Our spirits would not be strong, for we would not, to Him, belong. Unwise people don’t think things through. Instead, they tend to see what they can do. When the storms of life come their way, they find ...

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The Light Of Christ

So many have misconstrued Your Word, making things up that sound absurd. The changes being made these days, is a reflection of worldly ways. The world does not fear Your Light today, because their hearts have gone astray. They are searching for truth elsewhere, which causes deceit and despair. The ...

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God’s Forgiving Favor

Father, God I pray this day, that Your favor would come this way. Our country has drifted away from You, thinking that they knew what to do. They’re not as fond of You as before, for they’ve turned as if to ignore. Hearts of love towards one another, have turned ...

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The Brokenhearted

Questions seem to be in our minds, throughout our human lives. The what ifs and if I had only, sometimes leaves us sad and lonely. Remembering, as if it were yesterday. I can still hear Him, even today. “My children, who are dear to me, look in My eyes and ...

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In Him, We Are One

At first when we are brought into this life, we don’t have the same perception as Christ. God sees our destiny as already done, while we’re still worried about who we’ll become. He sees us all equal and soon like His Son, who completes what He’s started in everyone. We ...

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