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Polluted Wells

Thomas was a  Nebraska farmer in the late 1800’s. He and his family enjoyed a good life, though one filled with demanding work.  All was well until the day his wife and three children fell ill in quick succession with all the symptoms of Typhoid Fever, an often-deadly disease brought ...

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What If It’s God Speaking?

One summer, years and years ago, I sat on the porch at my parents’ lake house and gazed at the sun as it set behind the mountains off in the distance. Family friends were visiting at the time, and we all sat and took in the beauty of the sunset, ...

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Wind Energy And The Hidden Costs

Recently the horizon of my back yard changed. What was once a clear view of the Western sky has now become polluted with crimson lights that flash in perfect unison at night and during the daytime, visible wings that transfer wind into energy. Honestly, I don’t like my new view. ...

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