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Is Your Prayer Your Problem?

Is it possible that we actually cripple ourselves with our own prayers? Now, just hear me out … I am a veteran teacher in the public school classroom.  I took my position very seriously.  I knew God had placed me in the battle to represent Him to our nation’s children.  I ...

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I know How to Fix the Public School System.

Ever since the 1962 ruling of the Engel v. Vitale, case in which the U.S. Supreme Court agreed “that voluntary prayer in public schools violated the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment prohibition of a state establishment of religion” (Encyclopedia Britannica), the public school system has spiraled out of control. After such a profound ruling, it can ...

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Religious Rights In Public Schools

We hear a lot about religious expression in our public schools. There is much confusion about it, not on the part of students but with faculty and administrators. In short, many of them need to do some homework. In this article I am going to cite two sources that will ...

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