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5 Healthy Bedtime Habits to Practice

Believe it or not, your mood in the morning depends heavily on your quality of sleep the night before. Yes, we do get to choose our attitude, but the urge to sleep and the bags under our eyes don’t help achieve a bubbly spirit nor a positive mind-set for the ...

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Jesus the Burden Carrier

Sweat pouring from your brow and your back is aching. The 30 year burden has taken you down and you don’t have an ounce of strength to go another inch! Flashback around 2000 years ago. Jesus hanging in agony on the cross; blood and sweat pouring from his body. His ...

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The Emotional Well-Being of Americans

People often ask others the question, “How are you doing?” Many reply by saying, “I’m fine.” According to a recent poll some aren’t as well as they look. Physically they are okay, but emotionally they are not. After layers and layers of stressful activities and life situations, combined with the ...

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