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Is The World Headed Toward A Rapture?

In 1967, I attended a Campus Crusade for Christ Conference in Arrowhead Springs, CA. I had just graduated from high school. The featured speaker was a man by the name of Hal Lindsey, who had just published a book entitled, “The Late Great Planet Earth,” which went on to become ...

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What Happens When I Die?

Little Girl in cemetery

In ancient times, Job asked this ageless question: If a man dies, shall he live again? (Job 14:14a). Today, people may ask, “What happens when I die?” The answer could be this: “That all depends!” There are three answers – The Horrifying, The Marvelous The Unbelievably Blessed. Three different answers ...

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A Case For A Literal Rapture

One minute you are on Planet Earth; the next moment you aren’t. This is a common belief of many Christians when they think of the rapture of the Church. However, not all people believe in a literal rapture. While it is true that the word “rapture” does not appear anywhere ...

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Are you ready for the Rapture?

What if Jesus Returned on a Saturday Night or Sunday Morning? Will you be in a club, church, work, school, hospital, etc.. Your location at this time is not important, my question to you is this, “Will you be ready for the Judgement?” But as the days of Noah were, ...

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Are You Living In A World Of Hope?

If you are like me, the world conditions are on your mind a lot. People are living without hope and peace. The world’s problems are not getting any better; they are only getting worse. Added to this is that many people don’t have any assurance of experiencing a better world. ...

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