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Covetousness: Deflecting Sin & Greed In Today’s Times

Jezebel: A Biblical Narrative of Greed and Downfall The story of Jezebel, a woman in the Bible who orchestrated the killing for land, is a tale that resonates with themes of greed, manipulation, and the ultimate consequences of such actions. This narrative is found in the First and Second Books ...

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Giving Thanks Is Our Action Of Faith

John 6:20 But he saith unto them, It is I; be not afraid. Jesus walked through the situation where there seems no way, To your boat of heart, assuring you, He came through for you because He cares about you. Where the darkness is, The moon in the sky and ...

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Personal Peace

This is the third “P” word in this series of articles. The Bible speaks of four different kinds of peace: peace with God, inner peace, peace in the midst of a troubled world, and peace with others. Romans 5:1 says that Christians “have been justified by faith, we have peace ...

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Jerusalem and the Temple

Without Israel and the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, Bible prophecy cannot be fulfilled. Two new developments have recently taken place. One, at the present time there are five red heifers in Israel, of which one or more may qualify for temple sacrifice and cleansing, in accordance to Jewish beliefs. The ...

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Search Our Hearts

God searches our hearts. He knows when our words come from abundance of righteousness that He has stored within us. And these words- not the empty confessions from the brain -will yield eternal results, and our Father will be pleased. He is faithful to tell us when we are doing, ...

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