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Role Models Can Warm Your Heart

Who comes to mind when you think of a role model? For some people it is a sports figure or a good samaritan. It might be a person who went from rags to riches. Hopefully, it is someone you look up to after whom you can pattern your life.  Students ...

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Evaluating the American Sports Culture

The world of competitive sports comprises an increasingly large sphere of American culture. Families spend hours ushering their young children to and from athletic practices and games.  High school athletes spend a large portion of their free-time involved in these activities.  Thousands gather in stadiums or in their homes to ...

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Sports Role Models

Sports Role Models By John Livingston Clark Every successful baseball team has to have good relief pitchers. The New York Yankees are no exception. From 1995-2013, number 42, was their closing reliever. His name is Mariano Rivera. During his professional career in baseball Mariano recorded 652 saves, and is now ...

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