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Solar Eclipse 2024: A Declaration Of God’s Glory

total solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse Day, April 8, 2024, was a historic day, and many traveled far to be on the path of totality. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon travels between the sun and the Earth and seems to cover the sun’s face entirely. Those observers in the center of ...

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The Heavens Will Display The Glory Of God

“O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth. You have set your glory above the heavens”(Psalm 8:1). In April of 2024, God will put his heavenly creation on display. Besides the “Great American Solar Eclipse” on April 8, there will be other spectacular sightings in ...

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The Heavens Declare The Glory of God

Now that the solar eclipse has come and gone, let’s do some reflection. People have said it was very rare. No it wasn’t. Total solar eclipses happen on average of every 18 months somewhere on the planet. They do not necessarily have a spiritual significance, as some want to believe. ...

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