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3 Problems With The Message Bible

The Message Bible translation by Eugene H. Peterson is a paraphrase of the scriptures using modern English, the author claims he is trying to make the Bible understandable to the average person. There are many issues I have with the Message translation, but for the sake of space I am ...

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How The Lord’s Prayer is a Model for Our Own

When the disciples asked Christ how they should pray, Christ gave them what has been termed the “model prayer”. It serves as a guide to how we should pray and what we should be praying for as followers of Christ through God’s Will. Although The Lord’s Prayer is short, it ...

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Our Hope: His Will

“Your kingdom come.. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  Matthew 6:10 (NKJV) “YOUR will be done … “.  The text does not state my will.  It does not read our will.  Jesus said it, and He said it quite clearly.  He was speaking of the Father, and ...

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My Jesus Journey (Pt.6) Resist A Performance

As I continued soaking up the teachings of Jesus, He revealed three specific areas where He wanted His followers to avoid making a show: doing good deeds, praying, and fasting.  The bottom line is: avoid “a performance”. He counseled those who want to be their best for God to avoid ...

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