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Where is God When Tragedy Strikes?

Firefighters during fire tragedy

Tragedies abound in the USA.  Homicide and Suicide rates continue to increase.  Mass Shootings abound, with over 400 mass shootings in the US this year already.  Homicides totaled 26.031 in 2021. Suicides totaled 49,500 in 2022, while drug-related deaths were reported at 109,680.  Every day in 2021, about 37 people ...

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Is God Silent During Suffering?

Recently my Japanese friend, a missionary in Japan, asked for prayer about her troubled feeling aroused by the movie, Silence, shot in Taiwan by Hollywood director, Martin Scorsese. According to Time Magazine, “Silence is a somber epic about Jesuit priests struggling to keep their faith in violently anti-Christian 17th century Japan”. ...

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Where Are You In This God?

The potential trials in life are numerous:  job losses, cancer, addictions, grief, losses, tragic accidents, and divorces–to name a few.  Suicide rates are at an all-time high; it ranks in the top ten causes of death in America.  Research indicates 90% or more of all illness has roots in mental ...

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Where is God When I’m Afraid?

Eyes downcast and filled with barely suppressed tears, shoulders stooped as if carrying the weight of the world upon them, mind filled with turmoil and fear.  Where are you, God?  Do you even care?  I am beyond tempted to fear evil – way beyond.  I am no longer walking through ...

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