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Easily Offended And So Touchy

Philippians 4
腓立比书第 4 章

2. I beseech Euodias, and beseech Syntyche, that they be of the same mind in the Lord.

Easily Offended And So Touchy

There was a famous TV programme in the UK several years ago about a couple of old ladies who travelled the country cooking and travelling around to locations in an old motor cycle and sidecar. They were both very different, one spoke with a posh Southern accent and the other with a Scottish accent. They both got on well and cooked up delicious food.

I don’t know what these two ladies (Euodias and Syntyche) were like in the Philippian church, but they couldn’t have travelled around like the ladies above, because they had a problem with each other. Now we have no idea if this was over some point of doctrine, or some point of personal ethics or whatever, but they had a real problem.

Paul has to address these two ladies and to urge them in strong language to be reconciled to each other. Remember what happened when an epistle from Paul was delivered to the church: it was read out to the whole church. 保罗不得不对这两位女士讲话,用强硬的语言敦促她们彼此和解。还记得保罗的一封书信交给教会时发生的事吗?它被宣读给全教会听。

These two ladies would have their dispute laid out in front of the whole church. Note that Paul urges each one individually to be reconciled to each other.

Jesus says if we have a dispute with one of our brothers and sisters, we should leave our offering at the altar and go and be reconciled to that brother or sister.

In our churches today, there are many sisters and brothers who are easily offended and are so touchy. How many believers are now outside of the church, because someone has said something they shouldn’t? If you know that you have hurt someone who is now outside the church, then go and be reconciled to that person.

I hope none of us are like these two believers.

It’s time to stop being easily offended and so touchy, it’s time to be reconciled to each other in love. If we have offended anyone, we need to go and find that brother and sister and be reconciled.

If you are the hurt party, then you need to forgive that person and pray that God would take away the hurt.

God bless you

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  1. Keith
    Good article. There are several people/acquaintances of mine who have an ongoing grudge with individuals, and not willing to “forgive.”
    Good message. God Bless

  2. thanks so much

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