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Guarding The Gospel (Chinese/English)

1 TIMOTHY 6:20- O Timothy, guard the deposit entrusted to you. Avoid the irreverent babble and contradictions of what is falsely called “knowledge,” 21 for by professing it some have swerved from the faith.

提莫太前书 6:20-提摩太阿,你要保守所托付你的,躲避世俗的虚谈,和那敌真道似是而非的学问。21 已经有人自称有这学问、就偏离了真道。愿恩惠常与你们同在。

Guarding The Deposit


When I was young, I went to buy bottles of pop from our newspaper shop, I received something back if I kept them unbroken, so My mother and Father made sure I was careful with these bottles, but being me, I sometimes broke them.


Timothy is Paul’s protégé, he is the one earmarked by Paul to take over as leader of the churches. He has been trained by Paul, he has had time and effort invested into Him.


Paul has deposited the knowledge of the truth of Jesus Christ into his heart, throughout these two letters of 1 &2 Timothy, he pleads with his protégé to keep strong and to keep the true gospel safe.


Paul knows more than most that there were many false teachers who were trying to steal the gospel.


The words of Paul echo down to us, each generation has been entrusted with the gospel and NOW it is their responsibility to deposit it with the next.


Let me ask you this:


How much depositing of the gospel have you done to the next generation?


Now I am a bit older, it is my responsibility to deposit the true gospel unto the next generation of Timothy’s.


 Many of us need to have a legacy and that legacy should be the one Paul has, one of not just sharing the gospel, with his current generation, but passing it on to the future generations.


 Older Christian, are you mentoring a younger Christian?


 I have a dear friend in China, who I taught English too, when I first came to China. I have been able to pass on books, sermons etc. to encourage not just him but others. There are older Christians reading this, who may have books at home that are just lying there, if they are good, get them into the hands of a young Christian’s.


 Also, to the Timothy’s, guard the gospel you have been given with your life. It is the very power of God unto salvation unto all who believe, it has been deposited in your life, now it’s time to pass the deposit on.


 Don’t break or lose the deposit, like I did when I broke the bottles (that only happened once or twice), but my father wasn’t half mad.


If you do break or lose the deposit, it will be God himself that you will answer to, so guard WITH YOUR LIFE.


Are you guarding your deposit, or have you lost it?


God bless you


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