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Pour Out Your Heart Before God (Chinese/English)

Psalm 62

诗篇 62

8 Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah.




Yes, I love the psalms.. I hope you do too.


Psalm 62 is such a wonderful psalm and this verse is one of my favourites. It has two wonderful commands.

诗篇 62 是如此美妙的诗篇,这节经文是我最喜欢的诗篇之一。 它有两个很美好的命令。

The first one is just awesome, you know brothers and sisters, we are commanded to trust God at all times.


The second one is wonderful.. and here is my question.. How empty is your heart?


Have you as a believer poured out your heart before Him? We are often told that God knows everything and yes, he does, and therefore he doesn’t need to hear it from us. But the opposite is true, he wants to hear the deepest longings of your heart, he wants to hear from you personally. God doesn’t want you to run to other believers or even your pastor, that can be helpful, but he wants you to run to Him first of all.

作为信徒,你有没有在祂面前倾心吐意? 我们经常说上帝无所不知,是的,他知道,因此他不需要从我们这里听到。 但事实恰恰相反,他想听到你内心最深处的渴望,他想亲自听到你的声音。 上帝不希望你跑去找别的基督徒,甚至你的牧师。虽然这可能也会有帮助,但他希望你首先跑向他。

When was the last time, you spent time just sharing with the Lord on an intimate basis, just you and him? And this doesn’t have to be you talking all the time, it means you listening.

你最近一次花时间与主单独的亲密分享是什么时候,只有你和他? 这样的分享可不一定是你一直在说话,也意味着你在听。

You know Jesus wants to take your burden.. he says come unto me and I will give you rest. God needs and loves to hear from you, his desire is the same as in the garden of Eden, fellowship with men and women. Remember he knew Adam and Eve had sinned and yet GOD still wanted fellowship with them (Matthew 11:25-30).

你知道耶稣愿背负你的重担……他说到我这里来,我会让你安息。 上帝需要也喜欢听到你的声音,他的愿望就像在伊甸园里一样,与男人和女人团契相交。 请记住,他知道亚当和夏娃犯了罪,但上帝仍然希望与他们团契相交。 参见马太福音 11:25-30。

My deepest and blessed times of fellowship with God were when I just shared openly with Him. You know we can pour out every secret to him, because we can trust Him, he is not going to share it with anyone else. He is completely trustworthy.

我与神相交最深、最蒙福的时刻是我公开与他分享的时候。 你知道我们可以向他倾诉每一个秘密,因为我们可以信任他,他不会与任何人分享。 他是完全值得信赖的。

Empty your heart believer, come to throne of grace and give him all your troubles, all your pain and let Him deal with it.


Have fellowship with Him.. trust him with your heart.. pour it out before Him.


God bless you!


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  1. Loved your message. When we talk with other people it may just be a casual conversation but we like to get beyond that and get to the meat of what is happening in their lives and our own,
    God wants us to be opened with Him and waiting for us to share the details with Him and let Him advise us in the way we should go.
    Thank you for sharing this with the world.
    God’s blessings

  2. bless you both

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