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The Evidence Of God’s Love (Chinese/English)

1 JOHN 410-Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

约翰一书 4:10 这就是爱,不是因为我们爱神,而是因为他爱我们,差他的儿子为我们的罪作赎罪祭。

The Evidence Of God’s Love
John is the apostle of love; he is the one who was closest to Jesus. He was the one who leaned on Jesus at the last supper. He was one of the three on the Mt of Transfiguration and he was the only one standing at the cross, so he above anyone else can give us the unique perspective on God’s love.

The love that God gave and has given us is completely unearned and undeserved. In fact, we deserve Hell, judgement and punishment. I know that I do.
上帝给予我们的爱 完全是无条件的,也是我们不配得的。事实上,我们活该下地狱,接受审判和惩罚。我知道自己罪孽深重!Now God could have kept that love to Himself. He could have said, “Well, I really do love humanity and indeed I feel sorry for them, but they got themselves into this mess. Let them get themselves out of it”.

Now there is a long word at the end of the verse, what does this word mean? In the Greek it means Hilasmos. It means a sacrifice that turns away God’s wrath and turns it into favour.
在这一节的最后有一个很长的词,这个词是什么意思?在希腊语中是Hilasmos的意思。这是指一种献祭,使神的忿怒消散,转为恩典。The problem man had was impossible for him to conquer on his own. Someone had to come down and deal with Sin. What Jesus did was to take God’s full righteous anger and justice to declare us righteous and justified. I, for one, can’t get my head fully round what God did in reconciling us to himself.
人所面临的问题 靠自己是不可能解决的。人子 不得不降生下来 解决罪的问题。耶稣所做的,是用神完全公义的怒气和公义,宣告我们为义,称义。就我而言,为了使我们与他和解,神所所做的一切,我真的不能测透。God’s love was in evidence in Him dealing with sin. Jesus came to be the propitiation for our sins; He came and died to turn our judgement into righteousness our condemnation into justification and our bondage into freedom.
神的爱 在他解决罪的时候显现出来。耶稣来为我们的罪作了挽回祭;他来了,死了,要叫我们的审判变为公义,叫我们的定罪变为称义,叫我们的捆绑变为自由。We now have God’s favor because of the sacrifice of Jesus. Let us never lose sight of the glory of the cross.
God’s love is most in evidence at the cross but let us realize what it cost His Son to put us right with God.
上帝的爱在十字架上最明显,但让我们认识到他儿子让我们与上帝和好所付出的代价。The cross-the cross-is such a place.A place of beauty.A place of pain.A place where sin was destroyed.Where The Saviour bled and died.For me. -For me
十字架上. .十字架上. .一个美丽的地方,

God bless you

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