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He Does All Things Well…

I’ve written before about the little blond-headed boy who would have been my uncle if fate had not intervened on February 19, 1937. That is the day that little Jimmy died in the county hospital after a short illness due to food poisoning. His death affected all who knew him. It left my dad an only child at age seven. It left my grandparents in shock, and the beloved family doctor saying aloud that he would never forgive himself for not realizing how ill his little patient was before it became too late.  Jimmy was only two-and-a-half years old when he slipped away that February morning, but his little life left its impression.

My grandparents had faith in God, but I’m sure they asked the question “why?” Why did they have to lose their dear child? Would the pain ever lessen? My dad, too, had questions when his little brother passed. Why had only Jimmy become ill? How could Dad look forward to the school bus ride home with no smiling face waiting excitedly to see him step off each afternoon? Eventually, life took on its new normalcy, and faith in God and a new trusting lessened the deep loss and brought peace to cover the unanswered questions like a comforting blanket.

Loss comes to all of us, and with it come the unanswered questions. It is during these times that we must look to God’s Word for assurance that He is good and that we can still place our trust in Him. We will need this as much as we need the nourishment from food to sustain us in the hard times of life:

But He knows every detail of what is happening to me, and when He has examined me, He will pronounce me completely innocent—as pure as solid gold! I have stayed in God’s paths, following His steps. I have not turned aside. I have not refused His commandments but have enjoyed them more than my daily food.   Job 23:10-12

Little Jimmy’s obituary, written by my grandparents all those years ago, brings courage to trust in God and move forward: “Cheer, cheer, sad hearts and cease repining. Behold the clouds, the sun is shining. God gave, He took, He will restore. He does all things well.”

Job witnessed God’s restoration when he faced unimaginable loss, and we too can experience our Father’s deep love, compassion, and restoration. When you choose to trust Him you will find that He truly does all things well.

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  1. A very touching story that brings sorrow at the beginning but also turns our thoughts to the hope for all who takes God’s word to heart. The price we have to pay for the sins of Adam and Eve choosing to disobey and passing that tainted heart along to all mankind is great but the greatest price was the blood of our Savior shed upon the tree to bring us His redeeming grace and the blessing of a living hope whereby we will be reunited with those who have gone on before us.
    What a wonderful tribute that was placed upon a marked grave to help us to look upwards to His coming.
    Thanks again for such meaningful articles.

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