Is Planned Parenthood Really a Non-Profit Organization?


Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood of America, testified before committees of both the US Senate and the House of Representatives. Unless you search specifically for the testimony, you likely will have only seen short video clips, sound bites and partisan commentary. I don’t like my news “deceptively edited” so I decided to watch the entire proceeding  on C-span (yes almost 5 hours.) ...

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Strategic Prayer and Action: Time to Take Down a Giant

Planned Parenthood, defund PP, defund Planned Parenthood, facing the giants, topple the giant, slay the spiritual giant, Cecile Richards

For years, many of us have prayed against abortion. The negative exposure Planned Parenthood has been getting this year is a specific answer to this word: “But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light” (Ephesians 5:13) I believe Planned Parenthood has been brought into the light for the public, but even more to refocus the spiritual ...

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The Iranian Deal and Pastor Saeed

Shaking Hands On Deal

The signing of the Iranian nuclear deal agreement has come and gone. With it is the passing of the third year for the imprisonment of Pastor Saeed. The U.S. State Department and John Kerry had a golden opportunity to use his freedom as leverage in the negotiations. They chose not to. If they really cared could they have not come ...

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A New Season of Leadership


This past week, Representative John Boehner shocked the political world and all the nation with his sudden resignation due to take place this month. As Speaker of the House, he is third in line to the presidency. In the event the President and Vice President are unable to perform the duties of the Commander-in-Chief, it is the Speaker’s responsibility to ...

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The Real Message of the Four Blood Moons

Red Moon Planet

We are nearing the end of the four blood moons. There are those who would love to say, “See, nothing happened.” However, so much of what happens goes unreported. What does happen may not be obvious, but more “behind the scenes.” Some people need to be reminded about historical precedence for events happening in favor of Israel during each of ...

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