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Darlene enjoys farm life in rural southern Georgia USA

Taste And See New Wine

Sometimes there are moments of rare ecstasy. And, then there are once-in-a-lifetime moments that re-define history. Talking about Jesus’ mission on earth, involving a radical break from traditions of man, but not the laws of God. The stage is set for Him to fulfill every jot and tittle of Mosiac ...

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Making All Things New

Embedded deeply within the heart of Christianity, shouts the incomparable truth that God makes all things new. Even more, He loves new things: new songs, new hearts, new heaven and earth, new names, a new and living way, etc. Because sin stained Eden’s garden, we inherited a fallen nature. Therefore ...

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Your Light Has Come

Before docking ports were built, seafarers were guided by blazing fires on hilltops. Since raising flames higher would improve visibility, men began placing burning contents on taller platforms. As a result, these early implementations ushered in the development of lighthouses. In antiquity, the towered beam functioned both as entrance markers ...

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The First Promise Keeper

We’ve grown so used to politicians letting us down, that we often let their speeches go in one ear and out the other. Which points straight to a grander brokenness. Namely, when someone we love and trust fails to keep an important oath. Wedding vows come to mind: for richer ...

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Mingling Heaven And Earth

At the most pivotal moment in history, God deliberately interjected activity between celestial realms and our domain. He did this by choosing to involve lowly shepherds with Jesus’ birth. What’s that about? After all, they were just tending flocks soon to be slaughtered for temple sacrifices. Probably unskilled, disrespected and certainly ...

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